Flux Tonight!

So, I hung my work on Thursday. This is a great building for this! Got to meet some of the other artists and preview their work. This is going to be a great show!Â

FLUX Art Salon Artists: Dorothy Guy, Jay Krasnow, Ricardo Peñuela-Pava, Ashley Sullivan, Heather Self, Cavan N Fleming, Elizabeth Halpin, Paul Veres, Charles Westerman, Page Carr, Dan Glucksman, Stefanie Sylvester, Brad Steiner, Nancy Bowman, Kenneth Gwira, Shannon McCarty, Marina Reiter, Adam Ishaeik, Angela Kleis, Michele Delamenardiere, Jack Whitsitt, Rebecca C. Adams, Kimberly Stark, Joe Morey, Jennifer Foley, Katurah Thomas, Jerome Spinner, Carrie Lipscomb, Michelle Valenton, Michael Auger, Ellyce Morgan, John N. Grunwell, D. Black, Rania HassanSean Hennessey, Bradley Taylor, Darren Smith, Salvatore Ferro, Peter V Riper, James Greenwalt, Ellyce Morgan, Candace Keegan, Michelle Miller, Emily Greene Liddle.

Here are a few links to check out: DCist Washington Post

One Response to “Flux Tonight!”

  1. Arty4ever Says:

    Hello Angela,

    Thanks for linking to my site in your post. FLUX was awesome. I’m really looking forward to the next big event… (Artomatic?)

    Michael Auger

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