Where’s my stuff?

Paul Roe, owner of British Ink Tattoo Studio & Gallery, has recently opened in a new location at 508 H Street, NE. His new place offers wall space for local artists to display their work, and I was invited to hang my own work there! Went out there last night; it’s a great space! Work by well-known local artist Dana Ellyn Kaufman will also be installed.Â

Tonight is the opening for the Second Life Art Gallery created by Jack Whitsitt. The opening is at Warehouse Theater, and live streaming (whatever that is) at the gallery. Sounds cool! I have some things hanging there, too.Â

The SintixErr Gallery is an 8 floor virtual gallery in the 3D community-built world Second Life. We have purchased a sizeable amount of land and built a state-of-the-art open-air building in SL for the purposes of helping Washington, DC based artists and performers present their art to the whole world and work in the cutting-edge of art today.

Visit the gallery here

On Tuesday, March 27 at Galaxy Hut in Arlington, there will be an Art Outlet event with streaming in the gallery in Second Life. For more information, check out the thread on artdc.org

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