Check it out!

A local novelist, Melissa Marr, has commented on my graffiti work currently hanging at British Ink! And, Paul’s got a link to my website on his right here!

Also, I picked my space at Artomatic yesterday. But, I wrote the room number on my hand and it got washed off…but, I’m sharing the room with Shannon Chester, another local photographer. Next door is Jesse Cohen’s and Jack Whitsitt’s spaces. I picked Jack’s space since he was in Miami to see the Cure play at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami….but, I can’t remember the room number…it washed off my hand….but, it’s across the hall from Jesse’s so hopefully he knows. We’re all on the 6th floor, which is full of offices. The 8th floor has been gutted and is where the 3-D artwork and performance art will be located.

Jesse and I spent the day in the darkroom printing…still got a few more to do before AOM.

I also saw Alexandra Silverthorne and picked up her photo that I recently bought:
Greece 1

One Response to “Check it out!”

  1. AAS Says:

    Thanks for the nod. Hope you enjoy the photo…looking forward to seeing your work at AOM!

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