Check this out! “Imperfect Images”

Robert Walton, aka Team Wet Dog, has put together a series of photos taken with his cell phone camera. He has a series of 25 images, called “Imperfect”, which convey a co-idea: “democracy in art”…that anyone’s art is essentially as meaningful as anyone else’s, to someone. The idea that it’s all, all, all, subjective.”

Please check it out! He’s done a great job with this and all of them are so cool!!

I love the black and whites (obviously) but the colors are saturated and all of the images are pretty damn subjective. A few years ago, I bought one of Robert’s photos of the (I think) 14th Street Bridge, and it’s still one of my favs.

This is my favorite one from “Imperfect”:  I can’t wait to get it and hang it up!

…does anyone else see what I find so amusing about this picture?

I’ll give you a hint:  the really scared lady is being followed by a the “Have a nice day” face in an overcoat….ahahaha

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