One Word Project Show

Getting even busier

J.T. Kirkland’s “One Word Project”, which he published last year, in which I had the word “Purpose”, will be featured at the Arts Club of Washington later this month, August 28-September 29.  A reception will be held on Friday, September 7, 6:30-9pm.  The gallery is located at 2017 I Street, NW, Washington, DC  20006.


My word was “Purpose”

To provide a little structure to my photography, I’ve set up some projects to work on.  I tend to go through a lot of film very quickly, so my projects help provide some focus, so every roll doesn’t come out as random as the thoughts that run through my head.  The projects concentrate on these random ideas that others may not completely understand or agree with.  My photography is an expression of my own thought processes that often leave those around me scratching their heads in disbelief or utter confusion.  Without the structure of my projects, though they are random in themselves, my photography appears to have no real purpose.  Every frame I shoot is aimed at either conveying the image as I see it at that specific moment in time, or simply to wonder how it will end up when the film is developed.  My photography may appear as unorganized, random shots.  This is usually on purpose.

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