Color? What the hell?


Originally uploaded by akkleis

For the first time in about 5 years, I used color film. Mainly because I’d seen some cool photos of slide film being cross-processed as regular color negative film (E6 in C41 chemicals) and thought the effects were cool. And, it’s spring and the flowers are blooming and if I’m gonna shoot color, it might as well be in time for the cherry blossoms.

Most of these were shot using Fuji Provia slide film and cross-processed as negatives. Then, a friend found some Fuji Fortia super-saturated color slide film, made specifically for cherry blossom time in Japan. We took a day off at the beginning of the peak bloom time and headed out to the Tidal Basin early in the morning. All of the Fortia photos are processed as slides.

I think it’s out of my system, now.

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