My Artomatic Space!

My Artomatic Space!

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Woo! It’s D-O-N-E.

Actually, I didn’t spend as much time on this as I did last year, mainly b/c last year it was so much closer. This year: one day to paint, one day to do the rest. Paivi took care of the light set-up for both of our spaces and I painted. And, after being jealous of all the pretty vinyl letters from last year, I did the same thing this time. Super cheap and easy to use.

blur, the name of my show, includes nine bad, blurry photos. From a technical standpoint, they are bad. But, what does that mean? Define “bad”. Well, actually, I don’t care what the definition of “bad” is because it’s my show and I can hang whatever I want. And, I’m happy with it. I am also rebelling against the perfection that comes from shooting ones and zeros.

I shoot film; the trendy and hipster word for this is “analog”. Screw that. It’s film. I like being able to choose my grain based on the film type and the smell of the chemicals and the fuck ups during developing and having to wait to see what I get. I also don’t post-process my photos but to adjust contrast and levels, things that I would do in the darkroom using filters when they are printed.

There are over 1,000 artists in this year’s Artomatic. If I can actually do it, I want to count each photographer’s exhibit. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of perfect photos; I wanted to do something different.

Speaking of different: this is my wall partner Paivi Salonen’s first ever show. She gave me so much shit about not using digital ever (which isn’t true, I use my cell phone camera all the time). Then, one day when out taking photos of an anti-war protest, she saw this and then the ebay-buying fury began. [It was contagious, too.] 40-some-odd cameras later, I think she’s done. Oh, ahem, did I mention that these are FILM cameras? 😉 Right. Hence, that post I wrote earlier this year about film not being dead and all. Mmhmm. Maybe Kodak and Polaroid should be reading posts like that and watching the cult following that’s developing.

Anyhoo, this is Paivi’s first ever show. And, she did something different, too. A series of dark portraits in black and white; some film, some digital. She transformed their apartment into a studio and for 5 hours we dressed Jen up and took her photo. Another photo shoot involved another girl, Flora. And, even Jack. They turned out really cool. So, be sure to check her show out, too. It’s not hard. When you go see mine, when you’re done, just turn your head to the left.

Tonight’s the opening, but I won’t be there…I have tickets to the Cure show that was rescheduled from last September. Never seen them before, and I can’t wait! Then, in a few weeks, Duran Duran, and then in July, George Michael. Yeah, you read that right. 🙂

When I’ll be at Artomatic:
Saturday, May 10, 5-10pm (volunteer shift)
Sunday, May 18, 12-5 (volunteer shift)

Saturday, May 17, time TBD… Artomatic Blogger’s Night, which I’m organizing

And, various other times until June 15, the closing.

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