Blogomatic: Artomatic’s Blogger Night

Sat May 17 – 7:00pm-9:00pm
Bloggers: Join Artomatic Saturday, May 17, for a special event

Do you blog? Then pack up your laptop and come out and meet other D.C.-area bloggers during the spectacular that is Artomatic as we host our first-ever Blogger’s Night.

From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, May 17, bloggers can get an inside look at Artomatic, the Washington, D.C.-area’s arts extravaganza. Join your fellow DC-bloggites in the NoMa lounge on Artomatic’s 12th floor for a meet-up and mini-tour.

You’ll have a chance to swap ideas with Artomatic artists, including Erin Antognoli, Michael Auger, Jennifer Beinhacker, Angela Raincatcher, Kerri Sheehan, Paul Roe of Britishink, and Whitsitt[/url]. If you blog, you’re invited.

Pizza (aka blogger fuel) will be provided courtesy of Uno Chicago Grill at Union Station. Free wireless will be available, so you can send your thoughts straight into the blogosphere live from Artomatic.

Blogger’s Night is hosted by photographer (and blogger) Angela Kleis, an Artomatic participant and our very own blogger liaison. Read Angela’s personal invite to bloggers below, and drop her a line at if you need more details.

Artomatic is viral. With over 1,000 artists, this high-energy, non-stop event is a one-stop for who’s who, who’s next, and who just wants to have fun with their art in the DC area. Just type “Artomatic 2008″ into any search field and hit enter. How many pages of links do you get? This writer can report 75 pages referencing Artomatic. That’s a lot by any standard. Artomatic news can be found all over the Internet from every conceivable outlet – from participating artists websites to friends of participating artists, to news outlets, and, bloggers. Yes, Bloggers.

The bloggers and artists who help spread Artomatic news via their websites and online journals are an integral part of its success. As a thank you for your continued help spreading the Artomatic virus, we have invited a diverse group of visual artists to speak about their current Artomatic show on Artomatic’s Blogger Night.

Join us for a mini-tour and artist discussion to learn about the inspiration behind their exhibits, from the artists, themselves. Then, WRITE!

Help keep the Artomatic virus contagious. Write about your thoughts and experiences at Artomatic – good or bad. Because, quite frankly, we don’t feel 75 pages of links is enough.

Artomatic’s Blogger Night
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Pizza! courtesy of Uno’s at Union Station
Meet-up Location: 12th Floor NOMA Lounge

Participating Artists:
Erin Antognoli [9NW A4]
Michael Auger [8NW A4]
Jennifer Beinhacker [12SW A5]
Britishink [12]
Angela Raincatcher [8SW A7]
Kerri Sheehan [7NE C3]
Jack Whitsitt [8SE D6]

For more information, contact [me] Angela Kleis at

Hope to see you there!

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