I’m very late posting about Artomatic’s Blogger Night from May 17…Sorry!!!!

Thank you to everyone who attended the tour, who have blogged about your experience, and to all of the artists who spoke about their work. It was exciting to hear the stories behind each of the artists’ shows, their influences, and where they have come over the years. Many of the artists on the tour have built upon their previous work and experiences, transistioning into a new dimension and expanding upon their earlier artwork. I know that I have struggled with direction and meaning for quite some time, so it was reassuring to hear the same from other artists I admire. At least for me, it’s important to connect with other artists and people and hear about their own experiences so I don’t feel like a freak.

There are a lot of photographers in this group, so be sure to check out the photos here.

I apologize in advance if we’ve left anyone out…if you attended Blogger’s Night and are not on this list, please let me know ASAP!!

Michael Auger
Erin Antognoli
Jennifer Beinhacker
Chuck Divine
Liz Floyd
Theresa Manzanares
Angela Raincatcher
Miriam Rylands
Kerri Sheehan
Jennifer Shock
Nikolas Schiller
Frank Warren
Jack Whitsitt

And, also thank you to all the other bloggers who have allowed their inboxes to accept these periodic email updates

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