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Since I started the Flickr 365 project, I’ve found taking my photo every single day isn’t as easy as it sounds. It can quickly become redundant and boring, which is no fun!

I love Fall and October is my favorite month and look forward to Halloween and horror movies all year. This horror theme began as an afterthought, which morphed into a real series. I’m not necessarily trying to copy movie scenes as much as looking for ways to portray death and horror, in general.

In the process, I have learned how to set my eyes to appear dead, how to completely relax my muscles so they are not engaged, and the importance of placement and sublety. And, how much of a pain in the ass chocolate syrup is to clean up. Won’t make that mistake again!

Besides incorporating myself into my photos more, setting them up is a departure from my usual approach of shooting what I see. Lighting, positioning…these are all things I have really learned through trial and error. Searching through Flickr for related photos has also proven an invaluable resource for details and styling.

I have many more ideas and will probably continue this series well past October 31. I am interesting in where this is going…

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