Weekly Wednesday Snack Review

Weekly Wednesday Snack Review

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I walked into 7-11 and immediately made my way to the refrigerator for an ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper. The fact that Dr. Pepper promised a free soda to everyone should Chinese Democracy would ever be released reminded me that it was ok to be a smartass, even if you are a corporation. And, I admire that. Respect, even. And, I do love a challenge.

As much as I might dislike Axel Rose, the sight of him stepping off the bus in NYC with the straw of hay in his mouth as an innocent, just off the farm, tractor-riding, coming to the big city to make it big, dreamy-eyed boy, and then succumbing to the pressures of the "you’re gonna DIIEEEEEE" big evil city, was the soundtrack to my own very first visit to NYC last November. As I stepped off that bus, "Welcome to the Jungle" roared through my head, much to my own amusement.

While I liked Appetite for Destruction, the video for Use Your Illusion I’s "November Rain" solidified that album as my personal GNR favorite. This video is a mini-drama movie second, in my mind, only to INXS’s "Never Tear Us Apart", which, in 1987, ignited my immense desire to visit Prague. (It only took 19 years).

Yes, people, I do remember when MTV really showed videos, in their entirety, and they consisted of more than big-booty girls shaking their asses against a pole. They told stories. Good ones? Not always. Relevant to the music? Not so much. Entertaining? Hell yeah. Before cable television came out to Powhatan, VA in the early ’90’s, we hadd the big satellite dishes, and, in 1987, I had three MTV channels, VH1, and Canada’s Much Music. Before 1987? Well, let’s just say that my VCR skills were unmatched, and my video-editing skills were mastered with late-night sessions of Friday Night Videos.

But, what does this have to do with candy and soda?

Well, I actually liked "Chinese Democracy" and was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. David Fricke, who you may know from VH1’s many flashback music top-whatever specials, said it best in his Rolling Stone review. Spin had a decent review, as well.

I am looking forward to hearing the whole album. I thought it was Good. Not great. Good. My expectations are generally inflated, as I do let anticipation and excitement take over when I am, uh, excited about something. Generally, I get let down. This time I really wasn’t. And, in honor of that, I had paired a Mr. Goodbar with my Diet Dr. Pepper.

And, I anxiously await the video. ….do they even make them anymore??

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