Come Closer…

If you’re still reeling about the end of Artomatic and need to see some art, particularly some of mine, then you’re in luck. Hit the artdc gallery in Hyattsville, MD on Saturday for the opening of “Closer”, which includes two photos by moi.

Jenn I
Jenn I

Jenn II
Jenn II

This Saturday, July 18, 2009, 2-4pm
artdc Gallery
5710 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville, MD

Come closer. Strip away the distractions, fill the frame. We want to see your most revealing portraits. Vulnerable or intense, the composition is so tight that the entire head cannot be seen. Emotion lives within the confines of your face. Let’s remove all distractions. Remove the world, the body, our outfits, differences and display photographs composed of nothing but the face or a fraction thereof.

Curated by Pamela Viola.

The artists are:
David Ashman
Angela Kleis
Bert Pasquale
Linda Plaisted
Pamela Viola

This is a unique show where we actually get to compare the work of the curator with the artists chosen. This is a unique situation, often the curator isn’t known as an artist. We know them by the exhibitions they develop, but in this situation, we get to know the curator through her taste in work that she picked along with an example of the art she produces. This show as developed by an artist curator, not just a curator.

Interesting to note: These photos are of my friend Jenn Shock. She is married to Atom Shock, who you may know from my series “Atom’s Facial Hair Experiment.” Jenn and Atom just became new parents on June 28 to Fletch.

Also, don’t forget about the DCAC Wall Mountables opening on Friday night. Unlike the past few years, I am not showing in Wall Mountables because I couldn’t get my shit together. But, many of my friends are, so get down there! It’s in Adams Morgan, so, you know, you can grab some beers before and after.

See you Saturday!

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