There’s been a terrible accident…


Originally uploaded by akkleis

One of the predominant themes I tend to explore in my work is pushing comfort levels of both myself and the viewer, in both content and reaction. My work can sometimes be a little odd, and the viewer doesn’t always know what to do with it, and I am interested in their reactions. This series, “There’s been a terrible accident…”, began as an idea to position a body in way that appears as if they have fallen to their deaths, but not be the dominating element of the scene. The body is usually blocked or overwhelmed by their surroundings, or the perspective is skewed, all of which make it difficult to immediately identify. When the viewer finally sees the body, their reactions are generally strong and range from humor to horror, with a lot of confusion in between, and are just as important as the photos, themselves.

The taking of these photographs also causes reactions, in that they are not planned. These are all ad hoc situations where I can be above ground level with a friend who doesn’t mind getting a little dirty. Sometimes passersby occasionally express concern that someone is really injured or show indifference to the person laying on the ground that they just walked past, and become a part of the photograph, themselves.

See the entire series here.

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